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Flatball Valve Lash Screws


Flatball Valve Lash Screws

  • Reduce the harmful stress on the valve stem, thus the entire valve drive becomes stronger and significantly less strained!

  • Compared to the genuine screws, larger base of head on the valve stem end, thereby reducing compression and no more pitting

  • Useful even in engines with slightly damaged valve ends

  • Low-maintenance due to extended valve lash timing intervals

  • CNC-crafted, thereby highest precision and lowest tolerance; each ball is precisely plane polished and ball cups individually controlled; allows equal distribution of pressure as well as optimum adhesion

  • Easy to handle-installation in no time, no adjustment required to the rocker arms, etc.

  • The delivery package consists of a mounting-ready set for inlet and exhaust valve, including a detailed adjustment and assembly instruction

  • Required Tools:  Valve Clearance Adjustment Gauge 

Fitment: SR500, XT500, TT500

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