Tenere 700 Windscreen

Kedo's Yamaha Tenere 700 Adjustable Windscreen Mount

The first part we at KEDO Parts USA ever installed on a Tenere 700 was the adjustable windscreen. We did a mini bike build for Cory West at Froggy's Moto Service. Once we opened the package we were impressed with the quality of the hardware and the part itself.  The adjustable windshield is a well thought out engineered part. 

Once installed, the thumb screws are easily adjustable. The rubber allows for the windscreen to easily move up and down then, evenly spreading the pressure from the thumb screws on the windscreen. This will help with the windscreen's product lifecycle, without putting too much pressure on a small area on the plastic screen causing cracks. 

Our first few photoshoot locations were all relatively low speed back roads. But we had a hour long commute to our second location. Cory easily adjusted the windscreen and went on his way. As soon as we stopped for our second location I asked him how it work. He was really impressed, He said "I really like it, you can defiantly notice a difference at highway speed. Now I can just drop the windscreen down again." That was great to hear, although it did help a lot I still saw his head bobble every once and a while from wind gust. The windscreen defiantly cuts down on wind turbulence compared to the stock Tenere 700 windscreen location. This is no Goldwing though and it was never intended it to be, so get out and go hit some back fire roads and enjoy the outdoors!



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